Noah Desmond | Expressionist Painter

Expressionist painting Noah Desmond demonstrates his method of mark-making and painting emotively.

"It's not a matter of painting Life; it's a matter of giving life to paint."

Adam Thomas Rees | Sculptor

Polymer Clay Sculpting

Mark Bowles | Landscape Painter

Mark Bowles captures moments in time with his minimal contemporary landscapes.

Kelly Ormsby | Jewelry Artist

Lori Acott | Bronze Sculptor

Workshop Video

Kari Rives | Clay Artist

Adam Schultz | Bronze Sculptor

Doug Gillis | Fused Glass Artist                     (of Bauhaus and Zen)

Lydia Piper | Kiln formed Glass Artist

Lydia Piper continues to be a favorite among visitors when she is onsite explaining her process!

Joy Richardson | Abstract Expressionist

The exuberance of COLOR has always been Joy's calling!

Jeff Faust ruminates about revisiting paintings he has done in the past.