The Vibrancy of Color

The gallery will present the exquisitely crafted and boldly vibrant works of glass by Lydia Piper and polymer clay by Adam Thomas Rees.

This show promises incredibly detailed, one-of-a-kind works by both artists. The polymer clay animal sculptures by Rees have been compared in quality to Faberge eggs. The technique employed by the artist in applying the polymer clay inlays is called “millefiori”, meaning “a thousand flowers”. In Rees’ case, the resulting images are each singularly spectacular images of varied subject matter from The Arches National Monument to a cardinal picking a cherry, all assembled onto one particular animal sculpture.

Millefiori technique is also employed by artist Lydia Piper in her contemporary and stunning glass artworks. Piper has an uncanny knack for creating vibrancy with many different color palettes in her opaque and sculptural glass pieces. Both for the wall and for the table, her works are evocative of tapestries, sunsets and trees.

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