Fired Ice: Glass works by Lydia Piper & Doug Gillis

We are pleased to share with you works from our two local artists who work glass in the kiln: from vibrant glass bowls and sculptures by Lydia Piper to  Zen-inspired wall hangings by Doug Gillis.

Lydia Piper

Intrigued by the challenging nature of glass, Lydia has developed a style that merges form, color and pattern in a manner that is often outside expectations of the medium. She acknowledges that producing the kind of glass art she does requires an exceptional amount of time and dedication, but manages to find the time despite her non-art-related full-time job working for the Federal Courts.

Adam Thomas Rees creates both small and large clay sculptures with a surface constructed for millefiori-style polymer clay. The extremely long process produces a jaw-dropping effect, a kaleidoscope of colors and images covering the surface of Rees’s wolves, owls, lizards, and other creatures.

Doug Gillis
Doug Gillis’ many-faceted career path through the worlds of design, academia and art has informed many aspects of his varied works in fused glass. A native of Akron, Ohio, he has found a home in New Mexico after years of living and working around the country and world. Gillis calls upon line, pattern, texture, shape, color as instruments within his compositions. He is able to create something so deceptively simple out of a process so deliberate and complex. His luminous creations are the aesthetic rewards of letting Earth's natural materials express themselves as fine art. The contemporary color palettes used in his works allow collectors to display multiple pieces together for a harmonious effect, no matter which individual artworks they have chosen to enjoy.

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