Pat Hobaugh: Satire on Historical and Contemporary Culture

2021 Statement:

Reflecting on the past year, as we’ve all experienced more isolation and separation from friends, family, and co-workers, I feel objects have become more important than ever to form our self and collective identities. They have helped us survive and stay sane. These objects range from the action figures of our youths to the sweets we just bought at the store to the mementos we picked up to remember a favorite vacation. They are reminders of what we’ve accomplished and what we hope to do in the future. These things that I arrange on a table by concept, color, and sizes in different compositions are Us, and that’s what I want to paint - our time, our record, our donuts.   

Pat Hobaugh describes his work as ‘Contemporary Pop Culture Still Life.’  He wants his art not only to document contemporary popular culture but also to comment on what’s going on—to examine people’s relationship with consumerism and explore generational differences in the expression of that relationship.  

In this exhibition, Hobaugh explores Western cultural perspectives in its myriad alternate "realities" with his familiar level of satire.