Tobi Clement: Sensory Scapes

Tobi Clements_Rapture of Fall

Contemporary Southwestern Pastels. On Friday, July 5th, from 5pm – 7pm, Canyon Road Contemporary Art, 622 Canyon Road in Santa Fe, is proud to present Tobi Clement, one of New Mexico’s premiere plein air artists, as she unveils her new show, “Sensory Scapes”. The show will continue through July 14th.

In the past, Tobi has had this to say about her pastels: “When painting plein air in New Mexico I am rewarded with unexpected moments of life that unfold, and incredible, ever-changing skies and clouds. It is a gift to feel a connection to something that is a part of, but greater than me. I welcome the respite of silence and contemplation. The blessing of this connection is an expressive painting that captures the limitless and expansive quality of the Southwest landscape, and invites the viewer to share in this gift.’’

This collection focuses on the interaction between light and its lack: “I am intrigued by the ephemeral time when light meets dark. It’s a never-ending romance expressed with endless arrangements of color and form. Sometimes explosive, climatic, dramatic, other times quiet and tender. I am pulled into this endless romance, as a voyeur watching breathlessly to see what might unfold.” The fiery New Mexican sky is unmistakable in these works, and their emotional intensity captures the viewers’ attentions and their hearts.

We invite you to witness this exciting new direction as this local artist grows in her own practice.

For further information, please contact Nancy Ouimet at 505-983-0433.

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