Contemporary New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM – July 15 – 18, 2019 – As part of the first annual Art Santa Fe week hosted by the New Mexico Tourism Department, Canyon Road Contemporary Art is proud to highlight one of our New Mexico-based artists each day of the week, with an art demonstration each day. Visitors to will be able to interface directly with these artists in a 4-day-long event that occurs between the International Folk Art Market and Art Santa Fe weekends.

On July 15th we will be celebrating the expressive ceramics of Kari Rives. Educated in Boston, she began her career as an expressionist painter, and she has not forgotten these roots even as she concentrates on sculpture. Her animal figures retain a painterly feel through the softness of her touch on the clay, and through the many layers of glaze she applies. We invite you to experience for yourself the richness in their expression and personality.

On July 16th we will host fused glass artist, Doug Gillis. Doug’s work involves layered glass plates mounted on a neutral backing. Some pieces have lengths of wire, screen, aluminum, and other unexpected materials within, creating interesting reactions with the colored and clear glass which captures them. Others focus on colored glass and the shapes that can be created through layers. The silver backdrops allow light to pass through the pieces and be bounced back to the viewer, creating a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

On July 17th we have a wonderful opportunity to see how Lydia Piper uses her kiln to create intricately caned glass vessels. Lydia’s pieces are created flat; rods of solid-colored glass are fused together with slices of her colorful glass bricks. These two-dimensional pieces are then draped over molds in the kiln to give them their shape; some are simple and classic bowls, and some are wild and lively, beginning to look as if they could be fabric. Her highly pigmented color blocking creates a powerful response to the more liquid inner designs of her pieces.

On July 18th we are honored to see Ali Launer bead her natural skulls. Born in New York state, Launer has been beading since the age of 12. Her beaded skulls often incorporate leather, snakeskin, semi-precious gemstones, silver and gold. Her design work celebrates the connection we have to the magnificent creatures such as bison, blesbok, oryx and other graceful animals.

For further information, please contact Nancy Ouimet at 505-983-0433, or email