Capital High School Exhibition Fundraiser

Victor Trancoso (Buy Back), 2023
Tempera Paint on Watercolor Paper
12 x 9 in
Student of Capital High School

“I chose Chadwick Boseman for my monochromatic painting because he played some important roles for me. He played Jackie Robinson, the first black man to play major league baseball. He played King T'challa, a role that made him the first black actor to star as a superhero in their own movie, a chapter that opened many doors for other actors of color. He played many great roles for which he will no doubt go down in history. Now the real reason I chose him to paint is to remember everything he left for the world, The works of art, the masterpieces he gave the world. Chadwick Boseman is my hero. Rest in peace, King.”

Not for Sale, the student has chosen to keep this artwork. Purchasing this painting will be considered a donation to the art department of Capital High School.