Redhawk Mallet

Treasured Earth (Marramamba), 2022
Gemstone, Acrylic, Resin
36 x 12 in
This mineral specimen is an example of one of Australia's greatest natural treasures. The stone displays a myriad of gold, red, and green jasper along with rivers of Hematite meandering throughout. Setting the entire theme are the bands of chatoyant tigereye in colors of red, gold, and green which capture the light and bounce it playfully from side to side. Only one place in the world boasts of this extraordinary treasure, a small area of material in extremely remote Western Australia. We have had the good fortune to become friends with the miner who has the claim on this material and this specimen was chosen while on a visit. Of all the varied specimens we feature in these Stone Creations, Marramamba Tigereye is our favorite.