Cody Hooper

Pathways of the Soul, 2023
Collage on Wood
70 x 70 in
This painting was purely a statement of power and sensuality. I wanted something Elegant and strong. Everything from the hair, glare in her eyes and neckline with black draping to me screams for the viewer to become instantly in tranced with what she is pondering and going through. The writing in the background doesn’t say anything but suggests thought and emotion beyond the imagery. It was a painting l found myself looking at for hours and almost soul searching. That’s how l came up with the name. It’s what it evokes when l created and lived with it. I had it in my meditation room for about a year and wanted someone else to connect with her.

It combines old papers, charcoal, acrylic and oil sticks.

I’ve been a professional artist for over 13 years and painting and drawing since l was 4. So creating from imagination about 40 years and the goal of my art is to inspire people like music would. I want to touch the spirit in a way that it gives the viewer a good feeling and encourages positive thoughts and energy. A lot of my art speaks to hope and concurring adversity.