Lorri Acott

Looking for Perspective (1/29), 2023
35 x 8.50 x 3 in
I have come to believe that most conflicts, division, and hatred are due to an inability to see life or circumstances from another's perspective. I also think so much of how we feel about life, in the moment or as a whole, is due to our perspective. I've made this piece a few times in ceramic, and finally I made one for casting.

The long legs are always about rising above life's challenges, and the symbolism of the spiral or circle in the center of the body is about having an open heart, absolutely necessary if you're honestly looking for perspective.

For me the idea of the universe is both within and without. When I get real quiet and close my eyes and go deep within, I feel like there is a connection to all that is. The best way I can describe that feeling is "the universe ". When I look at our night sky and see myself as a small part of all of this, that can help me find perspective too.

-Lorri Acott