Kelly Ormsby

K459 Leviathan
💀 Leviathan 💀

“When it rises, the mighty are afraid, gripped by terror… Nothing on earth is its equal, no other creature so fearless. It is the proudest. It is the king of beasts.”

These lines from the book of Job portray a fierce sea monster, the leviathan. Unconquerable, elusive, a dominating force. Many have drawn comparisons of leviathan to the moral, spiritual, and psychological forces that rage within our minds and souls. Only when grace and vigilant righteousness are prized above all, are we safe from being consumed and destroyed.

This jet black megalodon tooth harkens to the dark abyss and brackish waters of the soul that must be traversed in this earthly life. The lava beads, once molten, signify the purifying fires of the crucible. Rattlesnake bones, the deadly venom of missing the mark and ever present possibility of death in the wilderness.