Capital High School Exhibition Fundraiser

Justin Anderson (Buy Back), 2023
Tempera Paint on Watercolor Paper
18 x 12 in
Student of Capital High School

“This monochromatic painting of Frankenstein is something I originally thought I would never do. Before this, I wanted to draw something old-fashioned and gothic, like a castle or forest, but I thought the only appropriate color would be purple. I didn't like working with the color purple, so I kept thinking of what was classic and gothic. That's when I thought of Frankenstein!, however, he was actually "The creature," as referred to in the book, and Frankenstein was the scientist. Not only did I choose the color green to represent the monster (It is also my favorite color), but also for the irony of it being St. Patrick's day.”

Not for Sale, the student has chosen to keep this artwork. Purchasing this painting will be considered a donation to the art department of Capital High School.