Dena Tollefson

Genesis: The 4th Day, 2022
Acrylic on Canvas
36 x 48 in
I wonder what an overwhelming rush it would be to experience the glorious moment God first created our Earth- everything in it; everything on it; everything around it in six short days. Would there be loud smashing, crashing sounds as mountains form and waters fill spaces? Would we feel a burst of heat as He creates our sun and our stars and places them in our sky? Would we feel a rush of wind and quietude on day four as no birds or insects are yet aloft? My newest painting, "Genesis: The Fourth Day" explores this topic. The roaring moment the sun and sky come together. On day four God has now completed the land, the sea, the sky, stars, and the sun. He has placed plants in the ground, but there are no fishes, birds or other animals yet. That came on day five. Then Adam on day six. I am grateful each day God makes a new sunrise and a new sunset for us to enjoy.