Greg Skol

Fallen Angels Tree (Monochrome Oil), 2020
Oil on Panel
6 x 6 in
Greg Skol: Monochromes
This new series is based on my love for the aesthetic quality (as well as the process) of Mezzotints. Mezzotints are an intaglio (etching) printmaking process invented in the mid-1600s. The techniques have remained unchanged since then -with only the quality of the tools evolving. Technically a drypoint method (not using etching acid chemicals) itt was the first tonal method to be used, enabling half-tones to be produced without using line- or dot-based techniques like hatching, cross-hatching or stipple.
These paintings are created using many of the tools and techniques of Mezzotint.... Using the reductive method of removing paint with mineral spirits to create the images- they are worked from dark to light.... the paint is removed using some brushes but mostly using printmaking burnishers and scrapers and cheesecloth....and wiping the panel (called plate-tone in printmaking) to create the subtle variance in tones.