Capital High School Exhibition Fundraiser

Breanna Pulido (Buy Back), 2023
Tempera Paint on Watercolor Paper
12 x 18 in
Student of Capital High School “Art has always been something that I have enjoyed. Art has always been a form of escapism for me. Art has always been something that could calm me. I hope others find love in art as I do. I hope that with this monochromatic painting, I can inspire other artists. For my monochromatic painting, I chose to do a mountain. I really liked it since I was able to use so many different shades of purple. This painting was pretty challenging since it was my first landscape painting. This painting was a learning experience for me, but im very proud of myself for what I made.” Not for Sale. This artwork has already been purchased. Purchasing this painting will be considered a donation to the art department of Capital High School.