Curtis Salazar

Curtis Salazar

The Emergence of the Artist:

Born 1994 in Taos, NM of Hispanic heritage, Curtis was raised in a multi-faceted community that allowed for creative expression. Through young adulthood, he began a self-learning journey filled with intriguing questions, thoughts, and ideas about himself and his experiences. 

"I found I was able to gain deep, profound insights about myself and this experience called life through study of the universal, mathematical language we have come to know as Sacred Geometry. Fascinated by these all-encompassing, mathematical geometries, I began learning and sketching these endless patterns. In 2018, having 6 years of hands-on experience in construction, I was quickly developing many skills in working with different materials, favoring steel. I started experimenting hand-scribing sacred geometry on steel sheets and immediately found this medium to become my creative expression. Since then, I have been passionate in creating my works of art and evolving my techniques and creativity with each piece of my inner reflections. 


The Art:

Each art piece starts with a blank sheet of steel or copper that is uniquely grinded and/or sanded to create depth and motion giving  the metal  a stunning,moving backdrop. The steel/copper is then flame oxidized at different temperatures creating a beautiful array of natural-occurring colors. Interlocking and concentric circles are then hand scribed with a tool steel scribing compass to create the all-encompassing pattern known as the “Flower of Life.” From this pattern, endless designs are extrapolated by masking and hand sanding the final geometries. All frames are custom fabricated by myself for each piece. 

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