Bob Brubaker

Bob Brubaker

"My artwork is historically and culturally influenced, not historically or culturally correct." 


Brubaker's work is, among other things, about the Journey. His figures, at once disarmingly approachable and sternly authoritative, seem poised to show us the way, to tell us the story, to relay the journey we are about to undertake. Their resume of grit and wisdom is worn on their grandfatherly faces and their made-for-all-conditions coats. Strong of stature, they are often carrying sacks, gear or weaponry, with protective and confrontational expressions broken only by the soft twinkle in their eyes. The tribal symbolism hints at their darker, shamanistic spirituality, while the vivid colorful presentation is a metaphor for wonderously informative and imaginative stories that will provide direction to our own Journey.

Brubaker has been creating stoneware for about 30 years, and has taken to casting his favorites into bronze within the past 10 years. The stoneware figures are fired once into robust sculptures, and finished with a combination of acrylic and other media to a highly archival and dazzling effect. His bronze figures are patinated with exacting colors throughout the small edition pieces.

Brubaker is always creating new works, as there are so many journeys, and endless stories to tell.

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