Cody Hooper

Rhythm Takes Hold, 2023
Acrylic and Oil on Wood Panel
60 x 60 in
To me these are a bit of a departure from my typical "calculate" work with the perfect executions of blending and control. This style allows me to relax the mind and focus more on the freedom and energy of the practice of art. I'm forcing myself to start with no plans and shutting off that part of the mind that wants to drive all of the time. Living in Austin I see a lot of really unique urban art but to me it's missing a little finesse so I wanted to combine styles or my work and bridge the gap between beautiful fine art and the new urban art that's gaining popularity now. Both of these paintings are about emotion and energy.. you can see the angles and bold shapes that give it such a pronounced energy along with some really powerful color combinations. Gesturing or "writing" gives a personalized touch.. our mark making is so unique to us that I find this a necessary addition to creating thought provoking and interesting art that leaves a personal reflection of my own soul.

These are created with thick plasters paints and burlap, layered and layered on top of one another. This to me gives a place for the paints to run down. Again, adding to the invitation for the viewer to feel a part of this process. It's an exploration and almost interactive touch that I think people who see it will appreciate. You can almost visualize the pouring and writing taking place on an old wall taken out of time.