Animalus Anthropomorphicus: The literati of the Animal World. By Amanda Banker.
Reception Friday, August 25th, 5pm-7pm
August 16 - September 16, 2017

Amanda Banker’s paintings in this series explore the Literati of the animal world, with a short, Wikipedia-style narrative summarizing their accomplishments! Absurd with visual and written metaphors, the portraits and their corresponding stories dance playfully between the influences of animation, surrealism and magical realism. Her animals are captives of the human world, rendered illustratively in a way that recalls picture stories of our past.<BR><BR>

            Amanda Banker paintings are whimsical, yet seriously well-painted with elegant animal characters that are often dressed in period clothing, with tiny companions, symbolism, and vague and overt references to the exquisiteness of the earth from which they are derived. Today’s modern world of technology and social media affords little opportunity to immerse deeply. Banker’s paintings offer a whimsical and contemporary entry into an alternative experience that is close to our own and yet allows us to escape, with purpose.