Redhawk Mallet

Crazy Lace

Stone Creation Gemstone, Acrylic, Resin  
16 x 16 in

A Mexican "Crazy Lace" Agate Mounted atop an Original Acrylic Painting on Panel This striking agate variety comes from the state of Chihuahua, Mexico which has produced some of the most colorful agate in the world. The deposit lies in a mountain range due south of El Paso, Texas. No roads lead to many mines making the removal of these stones most difficult and slow. Some mines have never been worked with modern equipment, instead they are mined entirely by hand. This stone features striking agate bandings as well as remarkable structures of quartz crystals weaving through. The meandering fortifications of agate bands and the variety of color throughout demonstrate why this is called "Crazy Lace" agate.