Mark Bowles

Changing My Perspective - Mark  Bowles

Changing My Perspective

Painting Acrylic on Canvas  
48 x 60 in

The title relates my personal transformation into this new series. There is a respectful nod toward Richard Diebenkorn’s, Marcia Meyers’ and David Rothermel’s abstracts, although still clearly a “landscape” painting with the lower portion being the ground and the ¾ top of the canvas being sky. I am starting to move away from a one-layer sky and starting to concentrate on the atmosphere. For quite some time I have represented the land with a band across the canvas at the bottom; now I am starting to band out the atmosphere as well. Having different depths of atmosphere according to where it is in time and space. The sky is painted as not merely a flat representation, but rather, with temperature and climate. Blue alone cannot convey these qualities.

$ 10,100.00

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