Amanda Banker

Lars the Mountain Goat - Amanda  Banker

Lars the Mountain Goat

Painting Oil on Board  
12 x 12 in

Lars had never been social. He spent his days at the highest point of the mountain. If someone should happen along who needed directions Lars was sure to help them get off the mountain quickly. Even the local gelato cart vender was not welcome. Only during the wet season could Lars count on complete isolation.
On a drizzly morning Lars awoke to find a bump on his head. Within a week it grew to an alarming size, but Lars tried to ignore it. If he admitted to needing a doctor he would have to go into town. This was not an option, so he watched as the bump hardened to resemble a mountain. This tiny mountain caused no ill effects to Lars himself, so he went about his days as usual. Then came the tiny clouds. Again there were no ill effects so he simply waved them away. They lingered and grew more ominous until one night they rained on him. With the rain grew tiny trees and grass. Frustrated with his grassy brow, he decided the mountain had to go.
He set upon the mountain with a file. He had only filed for a few seconds when he heard an unmistakable, tiny bleat. Above the file, poised on a thin ledge, was a diminutive mountain goat. Lars froze, slowly removing the file. The miniature creature jumped to a sturdier platform and bounded down the rocky slope, disappearing into a forest. To his surprise, Lars caught a smile form across his own lips.
Soon Lars came to terms with his new residents. He learned to care for them. They kept him company, even though he would never admit that he needed it. With all the activity upon his own person and his solitude no longer a choice, he couldn't help but be more welcoming. He even enjoyed an impromptu visit from local gelato cart vendor, and thinking of his small companions, said, "Well I suppose we could just share a single scoop.”