Amanda Banker

Beth E. Bunny - Amanda  Banker

Beth E. Bunny

Painting Oil on Board  
10 x 10 in

Beth E. Bunny was groomed to follow in her Grandmother's footsteps to become the town matchmaker. A family heirloom known as the “heart-light”, secretly known to shine extra-brightly when in the vicinity of true love, was passed down to her so that she could make the best matches possible. The light, coupled with her genetic gift of being an electrobunny (she and her grandmother could power items electrically through touch), put her in the best position as the next successful matchmaker. When a couple would meet, Beth would illuminate the heart-light by holding it with her paws. She alone was aware of the fact that the brighter the light, the deeper and more true the couple’s love. To the ordinary eye, the fact that the light lit at all would have been sufficient. But unfortunately for Beth, her intuition was as of yet immature and she was often unable to perceive the signs of a less than perfect match. In fact, during her first year, Beth did not make any matches that lasted longer than a month or two. They’d start out alright but quickly fade. Anxiously she talked to her grandmother about the misery she was spreading throughout the town and the villager’s diminishing faith in her abilities. Her grandmother asked, "What is the primary motivation for matching the people you do?" Beth answered, "I think the best matches are the most obvious: bunny with bunny, horse with horse." Her grandmother smiled, "But, you truly love who you love. Regardless of the anything." Beth left frustrated. After yet another failed long-term match, Beth stormed out of a client meeting and turned down a side alley. "Why isn’t this working?!?" She groaned. "I give up!" And with that she tossed her heart-light into a dumpster. She heard a voice behind her ask, "What’s wrong? Can I help in any way?" Beth turned to see who was so concerned. Before her stood a small brown bear. Beth felt the heat rise in her body, right through to her electric paws. It was like time had stopped. "I’m sorry to startle you. I’m Blaine," He smiled and carefully pulled the heart-light out of the dumpster, handing it to her. “You are as beautiful as your light,” he said in a quiet voice. As Beth touched it, the heart light glowed nearly white. She stood there, gazing at Blaine, and breathed out the only words she could: "You do truly love who you love. Regardless!"