Amanda Banker

The Origin of Darwin - Amanda  Banker

The Origin of Darwin (dimension with frame)

Painting Oil on Board  
23 x 19 1/2 in

Charlie “Chip” Darwin was a blooming celebrity scientist, known for his unique observational skills, detailed notes and odd behavior. His parents had raised him to be proper and civilized, but this did not always agree with his pursuit of knowledge. He would do just about anything to gain a valuable observation point from which he could work. On one occasion he sunk himself to the bottom of a stream to watch the local fauna drink there, whereupon his woolen suit shrunk to a quarter of its size; somehow the story made its way into every major newspaper. His oddity became a center stage topic in the popular media outlets. After a few years of fieldwork, the mishaps subsided. A seasoned scientist, Chip, more elegant and poised, had evolved.