Amanda Banker

Mark Bambino Twain - Amanda  Banker

Mark Bambino Twain

Painting Oil on Board  
12 x 12 in

Mark “Bambino” Twain, rescued by Samuel Clemens on the bank of the Mississippi River, spent 2 years as the co-pilot of the Catfish Steamboat. This period of his life was rife with adventures, which Bambino recorded in his journal. He showed them to his owner, with the idea that Samuel would work to get them published. No one would publish a cat during that period in America’s cultural climate. When his first three books “A Cat’s Life on the Mississippi”, “The Celebrated Jumping Cat” and “The Adventures of Cattleberry Fin” were finally published, Samuel received the credit. Samuel tried to right this wrong and claimed that he was not the creator of these books, but with the publication of his own novel under a similar pen name, this claim was lost in the chaos.
Bambino eventually published the truth in his own personal memoir, “A Cat’s Tale”, professing that he had “taught Samuel everything”, but for a case of canned tuna, Samuel would be forgiven.