Amanda Banker

Jane Austin del Sur - Amanda  Banker

Jane Austin de la Sur

Painting Oil & Latex on Board  
16 x 12 in

Although Jane Austen de la Sur was not known during her own life, she has since been recognized as one of the best writers on land or sea. Her father was strict and her sisters boring, floating on their backs all day. The rebellious Jane wore the finest risqué fashions, all the while writing wildly improper stories. A fashionista, she was the first otter to cover her head with a hat or an object more ostentatious than seaweed. That aside, Jane’s legacy as a writer lives on. Her books, based on sea-ciety and the gentry who reside there, include, “The Whalesons”, “Pride and Pelicans” and her masterpiece, “Starfish and Floatability”. ?