Amanda Banker

Charlie Bear Bronte - Amanda  Banker

Charlie Bear Bronte

Painting Acrylic on Board  
16 x 16 in

Charlie Bear Bronte is the fourth and least known Bronte sister. Just like Emily, Charolette and Anne, Charlie pursued her gift of writing. She is best known for her novels Jane Airhead, Wolverine Heights, and Shirley You Must Have Honey.
Her works are mesmerizing and ground breaking, but her sales were low among human populations. However, once the books were discovered by forest dwellers, Charlie’s novels became sensations. With her success she was able to buy fancy gowns and a honeycomb ruff, which she shared with a few close friends as a snack. Her sisters’ works did not do as well in the forest, as the creatures found them tedious. Who could ever be interested in such other nonsense when you had real talent residing with Charlie Bear Bronte!