Amanda Banker

Toby Dick - Amanda  Banker

Toby Dick

Painting Oil on Board  
12 x 10 in

Toby was different from his larger cousin, Moby. They had only one thing in common: They hated pickles.
Toby’s personality was such that he preferred his own company and on occasion the companionship of a close friend. He loved ships, but only the tiny models you build with small tubes of glue. He also had a love for temporary tattoos, and enjoyed simple pleasures, like the tearing sound of the envelope as he used his harpoon letter opener. Whereas Toby was a kind soul, Moby rather relished attacking ships and driving the sailors mad, and he teased Toby endlessly for his tame hobbies. One fateful evening, Toby secured his distaste for attacking ships as Moby finally convinced him to participate. They had come across a small ship bobbing in the bay. Toby was convinced that to prove his whaleness, he needed to attack at least one ship in his life. As he violently bit into the side of the ship, his tastebuds suffered violently in the warfare as he realized the cargo was filled with jars of pickles.