Amanda Banker

Electro Bunny Sam - Amanda  Banker

Electro Bunny Sam

Painting Oil on Board  
12 x 12 in

Rare in breed and stunning in looks, Sam received an unusually large amount of notoriety as a young bunny for having the rare genetic ability to create his own electric energy field. The fact that he was an electrobunny, along with his ridiculously good looks, put him squarely at the center of his own divine universe. Strangely though, Stan rarely had a date, and had never succeeded in getting a girlfriend. Stan assumed that his good looks must be confounding the girls. In truth, most girls were attracted to Stan, but once in conversation with him, they would turn away, as there never seemed to be enough time for Stan to talk about Sam. Unaware of this issue, Stan focused on resolving his girlfriend dilemma and set his sights ambitiously on Frida, the most beautiful girl at school.
As an electrobunny, Sam could power electrical devices by touching them. He decided to build Frida a gift by heating and bending a long glass tube to spell out his love for Frida, then filling it with a glowing gas. Finally, he used his personal energy field through the pads of his paws to light up his sign. On the evening of Valentine's Day he set off to capture Frida's heart.
On the porch of her home, proudly stood Sam with his glowing sign of love. He knocked on the door twice. A few minutes passed so he rang the doorbell. No one came. But he could see Frida’s eyes peering at him from behind a curtain! He squeezed his paws tighter, powering his sign to shine as bright as he could. She cracked open the window and shouted, “Go Away!”
Stan was shattered. He had never actually been rejected, and so with his sign flickering, he turned to walk home, bent and broken. As he shuffled away, a moth approached him, flittering with excitement and complimenting him on his sign. He ignored her. Then another lady moth joined in, and another, all of them mesmerized by Stan and his lovely sign. They made a beautiful dance of love as they flew around, touching his face softly with their wings, all the time praising his talents and charm. By the time Sam arrived home, his mood had returned to his usual confidence. After all, now he had six girlfriends instead of one.