Amanda Banker

Captain Faux Paw - Amanda  Banker

Captain Faux Paw

Painting Oil on Board  
8 x 8 in

Due to a near-death experience during a particularly horrific hurricane, the captain developed a love of the gaming life. As fate would have it, the afore-mentioned hurricane kept the captain and his crew at sea for nearly a week, within the eye of the behemoth, swirling in a frustrating circle as the waves closed them in a pocket of eerie silence.
Unfortunately for the captain, the constant tipping and tossing of the ship eventually loosed a container from its hold. The container came crashing down upon his left paw, narrowly missing his head, but catching his left ear as it smashed his paw. The rough-and-tough captain could not lose face in front of the crew. He yanked his arm away and had the crew wrap a tourniquet around his new nub, drowning the temporary pain with a large stash of catnip-laced moonshine.
A month passed, and alas, the crew ended their journey failing to make profit and in low spirits. Captain Faux Paw, as he was now called, turned the crew’s profiteering strategy toward offshore gaming, as there would be no tax consequences in the open waters. It was a successful strategy, thanks mostly to the captain’s previously unknown penchant for being a sly with the slight-of-hand. He entertained gamers with his elaborate magic performances while the crew skillfully separated them from their coin purses.