Amanda Banker

The Best of Friends - Amanda  Banker

The Best of Friends

Painting Oil on Board  
10 x 8 in

The Friends

The boys met at preschool. They were quite the odd pair! Ben was a portly pup of unknown origin and Scuggy was as Icelandic sloth. They were inseparable. They played, spent the night in the woods and sang show tunes at the swimming hole. Their parents did not approve, at least, not at first, as they spent too much time away from their respective families. Eventually, their parents resigned themselves to the friendship. The boys had become brothers and there was no use in denying it. In fact both families, after a time, had become quite close, despite their differences. Bonded through their children, they all began to spend weekends and holidays together. Eventually they decided to share a home.
To commemorate the big new family decided that the boys should have a portrait painted. Ben was first to arrive at the sitting. He wore his best suit and scrubbed his face as clean as he could. An hour passed, an Scuggy still had not arrived. "This is typical," thought Ben, "he is always late." Eventually Scuggy showed up, in nothing but an under shirt! He had overslept and so rushed over as fast as he could. After a week, the artist completed the painting. The families had a party to celebrate, and as they toasted to the boys the artists pulled back a cloth to reveal the painting. The crowd erupted in laughter. Everyone agreed that the portrait was as true to life and to the unlikely friendship they all enjoyed!