Amanda Banker

The Candy Sailor - Amanda  Banker

The Candy Sailor

Painting Oil on Board  
15 x 15 in

The Candy Sailor

As a child, Walter was the sweetheart of Harriet, who would become the village Baker. Walter was always up to mischief, and Harriet, although apprehensive, was his partner in crime. Snagging laundry off the line and pilfering lumber to build a tree-house oasis were a few of their exploits. They were in love, or so it seemed. At the age of 16, Harriet was sent away for the summer. Walter felt lost without her, but sadly, she broke his heart upon her return to the village. She had met her true love.
Upset and lovesick, Walter ran away to the docks. He managed to stow away on a shipping vessel transporting sugar. Eventually he was discovered and forced to work aboard the boat, but Walter didn't mind. In fact, the idea of escaping from the village was exciting and just what he needed. Each port they docked in was an adventure to be had! His fellow sailors usually hit the town to drink and party, but Walter never touched the stuff. He much preferred to sample the exotic candies of each region. The crazy days and nights rolled on like a carousel of colors, lights and sound. He met many characters, witnessed blazing and beautiful sunsets, and after 5 years at sea had managed to get his own candy bird. (They pick the candy out of your teeth.)
Years passed and on one crisp morning the ship docked as usual while the sailors awoke. Walter sleepily walked across the gangplank and then realized the ship had returned to the village of his youth. He strolled the quiet streets and stood silent at the gate of Harriet's house. He knocked on the door. She answered with a breath of surprise and smiled at him. Without a word he placed a pink swirled lollipop in her hand, then turned to go. At her gate he looked back and said, "This is the only candy comes close to your sweetness. I’m not sad that adventure has filled my head, or that candy has never filled my heart with the sweetness of you.” With that he smiled again, grateful to have had all those moments with Harriet so long ago.