Amanda Banker

The Lovers - Amanda  Banker

The Lovers

Painting Oil on Board  
8 x 10 in

The Lovers

Their eyes met at the village market, grabbing for a bag of sunflower seeds and the connection was instant. Unfortunately, she was with her husband. She stood for a moment and said, "Pardon me," as she handed him her bag of seeds. He stood quietly stunned as she walked away. He glanced down at the bag and noticed she slipped in a card with her phone number written on it, and so the torrid affair began.
They met anywhere they could. Whether it was for a few minutes to hold hands, or over a12-course dinner, they embraced the moment. 10 years past and the couple continued to see one another in secret. By now almost the entire village knew about the affair. How lucky they had been that her husband had never found out, he thought.
One evening they snuggled on an armchair. The candlelight flickered and soft music played. They had dinner at a local hotel in a secret room so no one would see them. They giggled quietly as they snuck down the hallway like spies. As they sat he sighed and said "Do you think we will ever be married, my Love?" She looked at him and said guiltily, "It could happen, Darling. After all, I was divorced nine years ago."