Amanda Banker

The Gardener - Amanda  Banker

The Gardener

Painting Oil on Board  
20 x 16 in

Long hot days lead to plentiful flowers for the gardener. The hollyhocks, daisies and foxgloves leaned over his head as he slowly walked into the nearby stream. The work was hard. At the end of the day his hands were sore and his clothing dirty, but that never discouraged him. The fading heat of the evening and the cool water was reward enough as he turned to float on his back.
The stars would usually be out. They shimmered as the fireflies joined him, dancing in celebration of the evening sky. The fireflies would bring a flowers in gratitude for the life and abundance the gardener had worked so hard to grow, and in turn, he thanked them for the flowers. He would then gaze as the water flowed around his body, the fireflies spinning light webs in spirals, creating tiny galaxies. The macrocosm and the microcosm became one. Floating in the stream, the gardener felt at peace with the outer and inner universe as they collided around him.