Amanda Banker

Leslie Hedgehog - Amanda  Banker

Leslie Hedgehog

Painting Oil on Board  
12 x 12 in

Leslie Hedgehog by Amanda Banker
Leslie Hedgehog passionately pursued her career as a fashion model. At first, the clothing she modeled was conventional. After a few years of moderate success, she happened upon an opportunity to model lingerie, and much to the surprise of both company and model alike, the campaign catapulted her to star status.
Leslie felt that her potential was outgrowing the lingerie designers’ ideas. The designs were not risqué enough for her, and for the most part they all looked exactly the same. Even her most devout fans became bored with the conventional designs and sales dropped. Leslie had to do something to recapture the attention of her fan base.
And so it came to be that on the cover of the most recent top fashion magazine, lay Leslie, nude. The world took notice and her career revived as she modeled watches, bracelets, rings, and just about anything that would allow her to remain nude. The good times lasted, but not forever, as trends shifted, and she drifted back into obscurity for the remainder of her life.
On the evening of the 1st anniversary of her passing, a man claiming to be her brother left a box of old photos, letters, and a diary at the door of a large newspaper. A reporter sorted through the contents and a strange story immediately began to emerge. Leslie had never been Leslie at all. His birth name was Larry.