Amanda Banker

Bonni Bunni - Amanda  Banker

Bonni Bunni

Painting Oil on Board  
12 x 12 in

Bonni Bunni aspired to being a theater star. But when she moved to the city she failed miserably. Destitute, she was forced to compromise her breeding and filched food from the local grocer. One day when she was shoplifting radishes, a gentleman in the market noticed the grace of her movement as she slid them under her fox fur coat.

He caught up with her outside and immediately offered her a position as his magician’s assistant. His magic show became a great success from that point on, and news began to spread far and wide about their act.

It became clear that her charisma completed him. In fact, she overshadowed him to great success for herself and to great detriment to his career. Eventually she was offered her own show.

On the night of her grand debut, the magician, in a jealous rage, sabotaged her act by replacing water in one of her extinguishing tricks with propane. Having eaten a lovely, spicy meal before her act, her taste buds were compromised when she sucked in the propane, so the fact that the water was actually propane went unnoticed by her. She paused for a moment, sensing a swelling in her belly. Turning to the audience in a panic, she belched a huge ball of flame into the air. The audience was stunned. This sealed her stardom and brought her wealth and fame, as per her fine breeding.