Amanda Banker

The Donkicorn - Amanda  Banker

The Donkicorn

Painting Oil on Board  
14 x 11 in

The Donkicorn by Amanda Banker
Of humble breeding, Steve was just your average donkey. He had a regular job and rented a stall from a farmer. He liked it even though it lacked class and drama. As apprentice to a local jeweler, his duties consisted mostly of sweeping and scrubbing, but he did get the opportunity to watch and eventually practice the art of making equine jewelry. But even with his moderate contentment, Steve’s heart yearned for a more elite lifestyle.
One afternoon a wealthy Arabian mare of incredible pedigree came in to pick up a showy hoof cuff and necklace set she had specially ordered. As she paid, the jeweler asked her what the set was for. “It’s for the King’s masquerade party,” she answered. Steve’s ears rang. “Even though I’d never be invited to such an exclusive event, I simply MUST experience it!” he thought. He knew just what to wear - something that would visually minimize his rather long donkey ears - that would “wow” the elite crowd.
After hours, with the jeweler’s tools, he carved, shaped and adorned a transformative creation out of ivory, leather and stones to wear on his head. He borrowed a formal suit and paid a friend to ferry him there by coach. The illusion was complete enough to gain him entrance into the party.
Of course, no one knew who he was or anything about his humble origins. Guests coveted the rendered horn on his forehead, and even though they could clearly see the straps tied around his head, wondered quietly at the very real exquisiteness of it. They assumed he was of the highest ranking and sought his favors. He protected his newfound status by never being seen in public without his adornment.