Amanda Banker

The Ambassador And His Children - Amanda  Banker

The Ambassador And His Children

Painting Oil on Board  
24 x 18 in

The Ambassador and his Children

He came from an old family in Bruam that had been affected by the economy, In only three generations, the once-wealthy family slid into poverty. One tragic day, a portion of their once-grand old manor burned down. In the debris, they discovered piles and piles of the family's gold coins that had been locked away in a vault generations ago. When his parents died, he became the sole inheritor.

It was a substantial fortune; wnough to catapult his life to the top of society. After some travels, he gained a position in the embassy in France, had his estate flooded permanently with a three-foot deep pool of water, so as to allow for his own comfort and health. In a move to create his own legacy, he adopted three mice as his own children, and spent lavishly on them.

He celebrated every evening with hundreds of guests, dining and dancing. But, one night after a particularly rowdy party, the Ambassador became too inebriated to swim, and drowned in the three-foot deep pool of water on his bedroom floor, leaving his fortune to his children, the three mice.