Amanda Banker

A Life Adrift - Amanda  Banker

A Life Adrift

Painting Oil on Board  
36 x 24 in

"A Life Adrift" by Amanda Banker Winston Ghetty was a philanthropist from the coast. He sponsored schools and charities but was a patron especially to the arts: to ballets, theaters and museums, to unknown dancers and actors.

One day he decided he needed to step away from his life of service, so he left for the ocean. He spent a year on his back, floating on the currents, watching the stars and thinking. In a much-celebrated moment, Winston climbed onto the California shore and stood before an eager crown in the sand. He proclaimed, "I have learned more about myself than I had ever known. I will not hesitate in my life a second more to balance my needs with those of others. Life is just too short!"

The crowd was rapt in silence. Mouths gaped open. No one made a sound -- except for the woman who screamed, "Help, Police!"

For, Mr. Ghetty had been out to sea for far too long. The salt water had not been kind to his dignified complexion, nor to his fine clothes. He was arrested for public nudity.