Molly Heizer

216: Koyemsi and Tuhavi: The Blind Man and the Cripple

Sculpture Ceramic  
21 x 13 x 12 in

These figures were inspired by Koyemsi (Mudhead) and Tuhavi (a paralyzed Hopi) kachinas. There is a story about when disaster struck the pueblo; all had to leave in a hurry. The Hopi had to leave behind the blind Koyemsi and the Crippled Tuhavi.
The two worked together to survive: The Mudhead was strong, and carried the Crippled, who was a great hunter, and told the blind Mudhead where to go. The Crippled Tuhavi would hunt with bow and arrow. Kachinas were made of them when they were rescued.

$ 3,100.00

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