Rachel Darnell



Throughout my life I have studied and created art as well as searched for meaning throuh various techniques and philosophies. I have found ''Wabi Sabi'' the Japanese aesthetic philosophy. It is a world view that accepts the inpermenance annd imperfection of beauty as exemplified in nature. The concept resonates with me as an artist and are definitions of Wabi Sabi. My new body of work incorporates these elements. I layer the paint in washes: depth, movement and composition emerge from the voice of the paint itself. As sculptors say the find of the image is in the stone; I feel as if I find the image in the paint itself. The paint leads.

My work has been about the interconnectedness and interdependance of all things. Twenty five years ago I developed the technique of woven canvas paintings. It ccombines the immediacy and expressiveness of painting with the primitive structure of weaving. It is a simple structure, yet profound in its' strength.

Recently I have simplified my technique by using canvas strips in a single direction across the works' surface creating over lapping parallel lines. This visual surface creates a minimal simpliffied texture and evokes contemplative tranqility.

After the surface is established I apply oil paint. My palette lays a foundation for the application of cold and silver leaf. Precious metals have been used to convey divinity since antiquity and accentuates the richness of the layers of color.

I draww upon the influences of fiber artist Olga DeAmaral and field colorist Mark Rothko. Te field colorists' statement, ''elemental truth is conveyed by the simple exppression of complex thought'',is the tenet of my process.