Kathy Beekman

Kathy  Beekman

About the Artists:

Enjoy the vibrant colors and wide open skies of Kathy Beekman's pastel painting.
Beekman's palette of flaming reds, lush greens and bold blues intermingle with sparse landscapes to create hauntingly beautiful paintings.


Kathy Beekman has been an artist since the age of four. She has been painting predominately in pastel since the year 2000 after a trip to Mexico. A fine art graduate of Siena Heights University, Michigan, Kathy now finds herself instructing adults in the fine art of pastel painting.

An active Colorado artist, Kathy is an art career coach and President of the board of directors for the Center for the Arts Evergreen. She has been featured in the nationally acclaimed Southwest Art Magazine multiple times, and juries art shows and festivals. Currently her work can be found in galleries throughout Colorado, Arizona and in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


An extended trip to Mexico in 2000 inspired my present painting technique. Having run out of white paper that I had been accustomed to using as a canvas I turned to black paper which I had on hand. The application of soft pastel to the black paper caused the color to “pop”. Now, I use black paper almost exclusively and blend the pastel dust into the paper’s tooth to obtain a clean non-textured look.

My subject matter, that of landscapes, is inspired by my growing up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a city surrounded by farming communities, the mountains of Colorado where I now live, and places that I have traveled. When painting these “scapes” I move easily between large and small canvas sizes and pay close attention to space and color in order to elicit a sense of serenity, solitude, and nostalgia. With a contemporary eye and an innate sense of present time and place I draw the viewer into my paintings with the peaceful narratives I create.